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Long after the thrill of living is gone

Welp, I'm in Columbus, in my hotel room and feeling sort of mellow. The journey to get here wasn't nearly as sanguine, but I guess what's important is I managed to make it here. I had some real big problems early this morning with pain management. I wanted to leave early but couldn't lock down my pain problems. I was popping pills like crazy and kept trying to wait it out. Despite being ready to leave at around 8am, it was 3 more hours before I could finally move about. The downside is just as everything got loaded in the car and I was ready to go, the nausea hit me. I pushed on and was sure I was going to ralph in the car at first. I was retching like a cat with a hairball but managed to not actually puke up anything.

All that can be said of the drive itself is that it was long. I stopped once to get gas and other than that it was a non-stop trip. I set out a little over 11am and got into town a little after 7pm. One thing I realized as I tried to haul my stuff to the hotel room is that I am incredibly out of shape. I don't mind out of shape in the normal usage of the word either where someone bitches about not being able to run a mile like they used to. Just trying to walk with the load I was carrying and dragging exhausted me and left me puffing. It's not exactly a good distance and I still had to stop multiple times to recover. Part of it is I'm just gimpy in my walking and it's extra tiring to walk the way I do. Second, it's like pain itself takes up resources somehow. I should really try to do something about this, but I'm not sure what. It's not like I could get exercise with my issues and it's not like I'm fond of it to begin with. Maybe eventually all of my muscles will just atrophy and I can spend the rest of my days like a bowl of jello.

Anyway, I got to my room and it looks like I'm the only one here so far. Two other people are supposed to be here but I guess they decided to not get here until tomorrow. I claimed one of the two beds and spent the rest of the night watching tv. It took a long while for the pain and inflammation and other horrors to die down, but that's pretty par for the course. I couldn't bring myself to go and actually get something to eat, despite the hunger I'm feeling. I'll definitely have to pick up something tomorrow, whenever I manage to be functional enough to leave the room. I signed up for a few events, but I'm going to play it by ear. Things are way too iffy to do anything else.

Oh, and I should mention that I'm paying $9.95 for the privilege of updating this right now. It's a ripoff but whatcha gunna do? I think future updates will be sporadic since I'm not dropping that amount of cash each day. It'd be ridiculous to pay $60 for net access the entire length of my stay here.
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