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God damn cell phone

Motorola finally sent me a replacement cell phone a couple weeks ago. I put the battery in, hit the power button, and notta. Zilch. It turns out the battery is broken as well. I go through the whole fucking hassle of sending in the battery and then end up waiting two weeks to get a replacement. THe battery finally arrives a couple days ago and I pop it into the phone and finally, it works. The next day (yesterday) I call at&t and get my phone hooked back up to their system. After 3 months without a working cell phone, I'm finally back in buisness. I leave the lab today and flip open the phone to make a call and it's a blank screen. I close and reopen it, now the screen is there but everything's upside down. I close and reopen it and now everything's all jumbled to hell. I close and reopen it around a dozen times more and it's now all blank. FUCK. The phone still makes and receives calls but both LCD screens are completely busted. WHAT THE FUCK?! I can't access any of the numbers I placed into my phonebook and I can't even figure out if someone's called me, who they are, or if they left voicemail. I am really starting to get pissed.

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