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Cats and Dogs

Welp, I'm in some rat trap Days Inn right now in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. I was driving on home when monsoon season moved in early. The rain was coming down so hard that you could barely see tail lights just a few carlengths in front of you and many people were pulled over on the side of the road with their hazards on. I'm not happy about driving at night as it is through twisty roads in the middle of nowhere. I pretty much refuse to do it when it's raining so hard you start hydroplaning at 40 mph. So, I basically took the first exit off the highway that I could find and found this motel. It's $65 a night and I figure it's worthwhile just for the savings in stress.

As for the con, the last day went over pretty well. I'm going to recap everything more in full once I get home and have a chance to look through the video clips. All in all, it wasn't a bad trip and it was pretty cheap to boot. I was calculating out the costs earlier today and came up with a figure of $265 (Not including gas which adds another $140 or so)
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