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I'm feeling crappy. That could probably be inferred from the fact it's almost 5am and I'm up and posting entries. There are seldom good and happy things that people find they need to write on LJ at this time of night. It's not like it's anything truly horrible but I'm just feeling a bit crappy. It started with general pain issues, but I finally got the codeine refills around 9pm last night and while it took a while to kick in, I'm not currently in any pain. My stomach feels a bit wonky though. You know that weird hollow feeling where you get the impression your stomach is churning and churning around nothing and is perhaps trying to eat itself? Usually I associate that sort of feeling with hunger, but I'm pretty sure I'm not hungry. That being the case, I can't quite figure out why my stomach keeps rolling over. It's a sort of unpleasant feeling and drinking water hasn't settled it down. I might have to go and find something to eat just to see if that will make it shut up.

Anyway, other than that, I just finished listening to the audiobook of Dean Koontz's Forever Odd earlier tonight. I think vala_amaris once sent me a copy of one of his books in that series, but I have no clue where it might be now. I snagged a copy on the spur of the moment after getting back from Origins and I liked the first one enough to try the second. I'm sort of enamored with the name Bronwen at the moment, and Stormy's character in general. I'm not usually one for the whole destiny says we'll be together forever sort of sappy crap (well, not anymore anyway) but I found the relationship between Odd and Stormy pretty touching. You just knew that it was going to end as a clusterfuck though. Nothing gold can stay. (-Robert Frost)

I just don't get how some people manage to truck along with their lives given all the crap. Sometimes, the urge to just drive off the road and over a cliff seems almost overwhelming. I mean, what's the point of it all anyway?
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