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I'm really beginning to think that I've been given a handful of placebos as far as pain medications and really, what it comes down to, is there are just good periods and bad periods. For the past couple of hours, I've been dealing with some pain issues that meds just don't seem to be able to lock down, and it's been a common occurrence since getting back from Origins. The amount of medication I take doesn't seem to affect things and it seems like there's nothing to be done but to suffer and wait it out. I even tried the whole dissolve a pill under the tongue thing yesterday but there didn't seem to be any real effect. At least the pain isn't completely unbearable, but it's at the level where it's consistently grinding and it doesn't take long before it just starts to wear me down.

I should also mention that we celebrated my grandmother's 85th birthday today. Nothing all that special, just a gathering at my aunt and uncle's place in Middletown. Almost everyone made it there at least for a little while. Connie and Jeff brought Madelaine along and I got to see plenty of examples of her new trick. In the past week or so she's discovered that she has a tongue and ever since has been sticking it out or poking it with her fingers. This new entertainment has quite impressively increased the amount of slobber and drool she generates. I made an offhanded comment that the reason they had gotten Max the drooling Bassett hound was because they knew it would make for good preparation when this day came. She also managed to spit up a buncha spit onto/into my uncle's mouth when he went to give her a kiss. I'll bet he won't be making that mistake again anytime soon.

My uncle has been a vegetarian for at least a decade now and his wife only eats seafood, so it was a pretty lackluster affair as far as food goes. You can grill all the various vegetables you want and then slap it between a hamburger bun but that doesn't make it a hamburger. Just as well I wasn't all that hungry and so I spent my gastronomical efforts on eating a couple Klondike bars. Once more, ice cream saves the day.
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