In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

There was one in the bed and the little one said....

Well, more or less on the spur of the moment, almost the entire family has decided to take my grandmother down to Washington DC for a little mini vacation. I'm not sure exactly what they're going to be doing down there but the prospect of the trip seems to have made grandma happy, which is the entire point after all. It also means that I'll have to watch over the dogs for the weekend. It's not usually a horrible chore exactly, but they do tend to be poop machines and you can't really depend on them to wait till you let them out no matter how often you do it. At the moment, I can hear the Bassett hound downstairs raising a fucking ruckus. He's been barking almost non-stop for half a hour now. I have no clue what his malfunction is other than he doesn't like Cutie, the peekingnese. Cutie freaks him out, mostly because he tried to bite him a few times and is always sleeping on his bed. That said, you'd think he'd just shut up and avoid him already. The yard is huge and there are plenty of places where they can frolic out of sight of one another.

The Bills are having a get together at their place today and I had planned to go before the whole Washington trip popped up. Now I'm not sure if maybe I should just stay home and make sure the dogs don't destroy the place. I just can't believe that Max is still barking. You'd think he'd get a sore throat and stop after a while. Feh.
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