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Please pack your knives and go

Well, I decided to forgo sleep and moved right on to the fourth season of Top Chef after I finished Hell's Kitchen. I was watching and trucking along just fine until the character development kicked up a pace and I identified a few people I loathed and were hoping would get booted. At that point, I couldn't resist peeking at the wikipedia recaps to see just when those obnoxious assholes would get their comeuppance.

Before that happened (at the end of episode 5) I had made a couple of predictions about who would go all the way. My two choices were Dale (who was pretty much a Hung clone) and Stephanie (who just seemed incredibly competent in all the dishes she put out). Turns out, I was right with Stephanie and according to a quick recap I read, Tom Colicio didn't feel that Dale should have been eliminated when he was. I was, however, disappointed that Lisa made it to the final three, that stupid cow. While watching episode 5 it was like she was jumping up and down on my last nerve. It's probably a sad thing when you actually loathe people from tv, right? Anyway, I needed her and Jen to both go. Lisa because she's more of an odious bitch than Tiffany from season 1 and Jen because if I have to listen to her one more time saying how she's going to win it for Zoi and how unfair it was Zoi was eliminated, it was going to make me vomit. Oh, and it turns out they broke up anyway. Hey, I'll bet you just love all that airtime where you waxed on about how wonderful she was, eh? Maybe you should have opened your eyes a little sooner and realized she was talentless deadweight.

So, even knowing how it all turned out, I've still got quite a few episodes to go. I just paused things in the middle of episode 6, which means there's just over half to go. I wonder if I should go out and grab a spot of breakfast first or just continue going. It's probably not worth treking out anyway. It'd just mean more meds and dealing with with crap. On the otherhand, there's not really anything I want to eat in the house right now. Hmmmmm. Decisions decisions.....

Just because I know you were all waiting with baited breath, I ended up eating a whole mess of hotdogs.
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