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Game Night Suckfest

Not nearly as entertaining as the title makes it seem. It turns out I was the only guy who showed up this time around so it wasn't much of a game night. Ended up playing a couple games of space munchkin, a couple of lunch money, and then some truly craptastic game called suicide bomber wher eyou basically plant bombs on people and try to move them into position to blow up the greatest number of buildings and other people. It was like playing a two dimensional version of guillotine where the guillotine (bombs) moved around. I didn't care for it frankly, and not only was the game badly designed it's in pretty poor taste overall. I'm more offended it was just a sucky game and apparently cost the guy 20 bucks. It's a crime.

I don't understand why these things are so expensive. How much could it possibly cost to print up 108 color cards. Surely not enough you'd have to charge 20 bucks for it, right? I just don't get it really. There are times I think I should just go out and buy myself a hong kong cracker factory and twiddle with the machines and churn out all sorta things, undercutting the prices out there. You wouldn't believe how much it costs to buy rat supplies. Little plastic and metal pieces I stick into their brains cost 2 bucks a pop. It's absolutely ridiculous.

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