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Next Mr Stay Puft will be judging your colonoscopy

So, what does this puffy, fat fuck have to do with the quality of food in fine dining? To my surprise, apparently everything. I had heard of Michelin stars before, though only vaguely, as a means of measuring the quality of restaurants. What I didn't know before now is how incredibly hard and rare it is to pick up even a single star and that it all comes from the froggy company that makes freaking tires. I had always assumed that they shared a name from simply coincidence. It's like finding out that top quality chefs will kill themselves to get into the AAA travel guide for west virginia. I'm not exactly exagerating either. There's at least one news story about a renowned chef killing himself because of rumors his restaurant was going to lose one of its stars. It turns out that in the whole of the United States, there are only 5 restaurants who rate the full 3 stars. That's pretty remarkable when you think about how many supposedly top restaurants there are.

So why am I looking up obscure facts about tire companies and fine dining? I've been watching Top Chef all day and I'm on the last episode. I've been wiki'ing all day whenever I ran across a funny term I didn't quite get on the show. This means that I've been wiki'ing a hell of a lot of crap since those motherfuckers might as well be speaking a completely different language. Damn pretentious bastards just keep spewing masturbatory culinary lingo and I got sort of curious what they were yakking about.

Anyway, while I was educating myself about Michelin stars, I also stumbled across a fun news article from a little over half a year ago that ties together both my Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen watching. It turns out that in the most recent release of the guide, Tom Coliccio's flagship restaurant in New York city lost its star while Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant in the same city gained two. Welp, so much for Top Chef being way more fru-fru than Hell's Kitchen, right? At least according to the Michelin guide, if these two went head to head, Chef Tom would get his ass handed to him despite the fact that he's the far more 'refined' person on tv. He always seems like a culinary God when he's judging the Top Chef contestants while Ramsay is doing a Scottish impression of the Soup Nazi. It's really sort of interesting when you think about it. Especially when Coliccio is so nit picky about the dishes he tastes and Ramsay is either, I like it, or, I hate it.
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