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You know what it's like

I just figured out a good description of the type of pain I've been experiencing lately. there are all different sorts of pain, as I'm sure most of you know. There's throbbing and stabbing and stinging and burning and so on. Well, lately I've had one type of pain beyond all the others and I've come to recognize it quite well. Imagine you've just whacked some part of your body hard against something. It really doesn't matter what part as long as it's a good fleshy bit. So maybe your upper arm or thigh or something like that. Imagine that the spot then bruises up magnificantly. Now, you know that pain that comes when you press down on the bruised area? That sort of fleshy pain that almost 'hollowly' radiates out from the point of contact? Imagine that someone were constantly pressing on that giant bruise of yours. That's exactly the freaking kind of pain I've been experiencing lately and am enduring right as I type this. It's not the most horrible pain in the world but it's constant. It just continues to grind and grind as that invisible and unstoppable asshole continues to push at the bruise. The overall intensity might be a little less than other types of pain I've experienced but the fact that it's constant instead of intermittent adds a whole new dimension of horror to it. You just keep holding your breath as if you could somehow ride through it but it continues on and on.
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