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Top Chef here I come

I was digging around in the back of the pantry and found a whole hoard of jello. Since I can't believe that anyone else bought it, I must've stocked up at some point in time and then forgot about it. I took out three boxes of the sugarless mixed fruit flavor and proceeded to make myself a vat. In a bout of daring experimentation, I added bananas and blueberries to it. Woooo. Sure, that's pretty pedestrian but for some reason I've never added fruit to jello before in all the times I've made it. I always figured it'd somehow ruin the set and I'd end up with a sort of jello soup with soggy pieces of fruit floating in it. I'll be sure to report back tomorrow on how it turns out since I know there are those of you out there who would just die with the suspense of it all.
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