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I haven't been able to find a torrent with the 4th season of Hell's Kitchen so I went to streaming video instead. I made an entry a while back about the new advent of streaming video and how it was the new, hot thing. At the time, the main benefit was that it exploited some anti-piracy laws which say that you have to actually obtain a hardcopy of the work in question for it to be piracy. If a video streams to you and you never actually possess a copy, some felt that it was a good loophole. Not to mention that since they can pipe ads to you that you can't avoid, it's also the medium which the big media companies are most likely to back. I've already seen companies that will sell you copies of tv episodes for a couple of bucks and the site I used to watch the last season of Hell's Kitchen embeds 4-5 unskipable ads per hour-long show.

I spent most of the day watching along and I just finished the season finale and boy, am I pissed. This is the first season of Hell's Kitchen in which the best cook and most experienced individual didn't win. I had commented in the past that I felt the show was too full of fucking talentless donkeys. I almost felt bad for Gordon Ramsay in having to pick from suck a pathetic lot. There was one ridiculous asshole this last season who is supposedly a sous chef cooking for 15 years who couldn't break down a fucking chicken correctly in 5 minutes. Out of the 8 pieces you should get (2 wings, 2 thighs, 2 legs, 2 breasts), this mental retard only managed a score of 2, the wings. Seriously....WTF? Even I can breakdown a chicken better than that and have in the past. These assholes must be absolutely useless deadweight once they're actually employed at one of his restaurants. Still, I figured he at least got to choose from the best of the worse and if nothing else, it was only a 1 year contract and the salary isn't even covered by him so he could always just have them sit in a corner with their thumb up their ass for 365 days until they can be dumped.

That being said, this season Ramsay inexplicably picked Christina. I mean, she's cute and everything and I'd much rather boink her than Petrozza, but it was clear that he was the better and more seasoned chef. I've been wondering if maybe Ramsay didn't pick him because their styles don't match. He's a nice, sensitive guy who doesn't feel comfortable yelling at people and destroying them. Ramsay is like a pitbull who will go for your throat and then take a shit in your mouth after he's done mauling you. It was clear that Christina could be taught to be an aggressive animal, but Petrozza was probably too old and set in his ways to ever become a Gordon Ramsay clone.

I'm also just amazed that people on reality shows don't make more of an effort to cover up their warts. I know you can't wear a mask 24-7, but at least try to self-censor some of the crazy. Jen and Matt were both mentally derranged on the show and it came across clear as day. You can talk about manipulative editing all you want, but these were the words and actions that kept coming out of their mouth. You can always try to mitigate the effects of editing by, well, not saying crazy psychotic shit. I'd love to find out where these two bozos are working and then heckle them at their restaurants.
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