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Remember a bit back when I was posting about how I was sure those limey assholes killed their own kid while Jon Benet's parents were likely to be innocent? It seems that just a bit after that, I was proven right, at least as far as Jon Benet went. Since her murder ages back, DNA technology has continued to improve until now, they've developed something called touch DNA tests. This is some seriously scary futuristic shit where they can pull your dna out of your fingerprints or anything else you might have touched. No longer do they need a chunk of your hair or a dab of your blood. You touch anything and they can get lucky and extract dna from it.

Anyway, they tested the underware she was wearing the night of her death and managed to find a DNA sample that matched right up to the blood that had previously been found. They ran it against the parents, the police, the EMS, and just about every other son of a bitch who had been in the house and found zero matches. The prosecutor even wrote a letter to John Ramsey apologising for having placed his family under a cloud of suspicion all those years. That's pretty remarkable since DA's are notoriously loathe to admit that they, or their office, were wrong.

I know civil libertarians always throw a fit about this, but I really think that everyone should be DNA'ed and fingerprinted at birth. I mean, we record people's heights and weights and pictures on a driver's license. I don't see why it's any more an invasion of privacy to collect a few skin cells you're not going to need anyway. The samples should be kept in a database and then only used to compare crime samples to. Just think about what it would do for crime solving and, more importantly, the certainty that the right person had been apprehended.
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