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I just spent a good chunk of time writing addresses and stamping SASEs and letters. What, you might ask was this effort for? Well, if you guessed the Mcdonalds Monopoly Game you'd be correct. I had just seen a commercial on tv that the game was back and I went to the website to take a look. It's surely idiocy but I used to love playing that damn game whenever it came around. The joy of pulling off those little game tabs and the mounting expectation as you flipped it aroudn to fill in another piece of the board or perhaps even win a free small fry. So here I am, spending 2 x $.37 per game piece request and I just filled out 6 of them. So I'm paying 74 cents per game piece, certainly diminishing returns, but I can't help but hope that maybe I'll actually win something this time. I'd likely be better off buying lottery or scratch and win tickets. I still remember the scandal when it was discovered the entire monopoly game had been rigged for years. There never was a prayer of winning anything other than the occasional cone or apple pie. Maybe this time it'll be different and I'll actually win something for once. I had too many damn stamps anyway.

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