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Screwed by Vista

Fuck! There were so many people bitching and moaning when Vista came out. It was amazing how many came out of the woodwork to pan Microsoft, casting dreadful portents of disaster. Nothing would be compatable, it would crash at least once every day, Bill Gates would secretly read your email and sign you up for Viagra spam, etc. I've had this laptop for a few months now and it's been nothing but a joy. I haven't had any problems and the darn thing hasn't crashed once despite the fact I keep it on 24-7 and probably only reboot it once every 2-3 weeks at the most. Well, that rosy picture has now gone to shit.

Earlier today, I was eating some chinese takeout. It was one of those classic 3 dishes + rice for some fixed price. One of the items I had in mine was stewed beef tendon. As I was eating, I found a piece that looked exactly like a pair of pants. I found the idea of eating meat pants sort of humorous so I went and snapped a picture of it before I ate it. Around a half hour ago, I tried to plug in my Cannon G3 camera and tried to upload the picture so I could post it. There were also some images from my grandmother's 85th birthday that I needed to get copies of and a few from Origins to boot. To my surprise, it didn't immediately connect and load up. I've gotten very used to the whole plug and play concept. Still, it wasn't like I could find drivers and install programs manually. I spent some time hunting down the original instillation disk and also went to Canon's site for all the updates. The damn process took forever but finally I had installed just about everything I could think of so I plugged the camera back in. Nothing.

I tried a few more things to try to get it to work, including installing old drivers and hoping that maybe it would recognize something from XP. In the end, I decided to do a google search and see if anyone else had run into the same problem and if there were any solutions. I immediately found a thread where it said that there are no Vista drivers for any of the older powershot cameras and that Canon had no intention of making their products backwards compatible. WTF? I'm pretty pissed about the whole thing since my camera still works just fine and I can't believe that Vista doesn't recognize the thing and Canon is leaving all of us in the lurch by now providing support.

I'm not sure exactly what to do now. Finding another computer with XP and then upping the pictures there only to then send them to my laptop sounds incredibly tedious. Some other people have suggested getting a USB linked card-reader but it seems sort of obnoxious to pick up new technology just to bypass this roadblock. Not to mention that others have mentioned that many cardreaders are currently incompatible with Vista as well. This is just bullshit.
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