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I've not been having a good couple of days. The pain is way up and I'm extra gimpy at the moment. It's painful to even stand up straight and so I've been sort of quasimodo'ing about. I've got an issue at the moment with some real pressure pain right on a pivot point/joint which is really unpleasant. To boot, I'm just about out of drugs again. I'm down to two pills and while Shelley did pick up a refill for me, she misplaced it somewhere. That means the earliest I'll be able to get more codeine is tommorrow evening, which means I'm going to have to rough it for at least part of the time. The real horror is that I've already tried to stretch out the drugs as far as I can and even then I'm still averaging 4 pills a day. If I actually took it when I needed it (or better yet, before I needed it), I'd be at a number close to double that. The fact is that I just need something stronger. Each refill is only lasting 2 weeks as it stands right now. The fear of running out is really starting to weigh on my mind ever since I used up all of my reserve stash. I just need something that will make this stop.

I'm diminished each day this goes on.
Tags: chronic pain, drugs

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