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I was really feeling the pain just now so I decided to go downstairs and rummage through the cabinet in the kitchen. I found a halfempty bottle of something called Grey Goose. I downed around 5 shots worth of it mixed in orange juice and gulped it down. Within 5 minutes or so, I was feeling better. It tasted absolutely vile but mixed with the codeine, it seems to be giving the pain relief a real kick in the ass. It's sort of sad but I'm thinking this is a pretty good solution. It works faster than taking the pills by themselves and I can stomach the taste if it brings relief from the pain. I should just find a type of alcohol that is a little more palatable. Maybe I'll finally get to recognize my dream of being an angry drunk.

I'm really happy that this solution works. It might finally give me some longlasting peace.
Tags: booze, chronic pain

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