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It tastes horrible because it's good for you

Yeck. I tried mixing the vodka with some diet coke earlier today and the concoction was incredibly vile. Between last night and today's experimentation, I've downed around a quarter to a third of a liter, which doesn't seem all that much overall, though I'm hardly one to judge. In fact, I'm not sure how much the average person drinks. I used to have statistics I would use when giving my lecture on the history of drug abuse, and I remember being startled by the amount of alcohol the average person tosses back in a year. The numbers were even more disturbing when you consider the fact that around a third of people don't touch the stuff at all and that 10% of the population consumes around 50% of the amount. I was also reading a cnn article about binge drinking where some morons croaked trying to down 21 shots for their 21st birthday. I figure if that's any judge, I'm well under the line.

My thought at the moment is to use the alcohol for a nightcap to help me get to sleep. It seems to kick in incredibly quickly and the combo appears to be sleep inducing anyway. The soporific qualities might make things a little more bearable when it comes to pain in the middle of the night. It might also come in handy just for acute usage when things are truly craptastic. For now, I've got the rest of the bottle sitting in my room and a couple of instant packets of koolaid. I figure if anything can block the taste of the alcohol a little, it'll be the packed artificial sweeteners of kool-aid. I haven't given it a whirl yet and I dunno if I'll even need to add water to the mix. I guess I'll find out tonight when I break out the alchemy set.
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