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Nobama that could have been

I haven't been as obsessed as I was, but I'm still following along with the politics of the day. There are few things that I like more than the high octane of a presidential campaign with all the twists and turns therein. Sometimes, and I think I've mentioned it on here before, I think I really would have liked to have been a politician in a previous life. Not because I enjoy going out and shaking hands and giving speeches, but I love the tactical and strategic aspect of politics. If I were one of those people who were more interested in the military, I'd probably want to be Patton or something.

Anyway, since the beginning of this campaign season, I've been a bit wary of Obama. Without a history and long experience, I had no clue what this guy actually believed in. I usually have a very hard time liking someone who tends to wander around blowing smoke up my ass but has very little to back it up. It was all 'Change, feel good, yes we can' and I guess I'm different than the average person since my response is automatically 'can what?' and more importantly, 'how?'. To put it simply, I didn't trust Obama any further than I could throw him. If I didn't have a clear idea of his beliefs and convictions, then he could be a mystery box that would explode in my face. It also didn't help that he seemed to adopt just about every lefty fringe cause flying about, the more extreme the better. Based on his previous year's votes in the Senate, he was assessed as the most liberal by the National Journal, a non-partisan publication. When someone is to the left of Ted Kennedy, you really have to wonder a bit. It's like me telling you that some candidate is to the right of Tom Delay or Tom Colburn. That's pretty damn extreme no matter how you cut it.

The funny part of this whole thing is that if I had known none of this, that if my knowledge of Obama had begin only after the primaries ended, I would have a pretty positive impression. He has 'tacked to the center' as many hippies have bemoaned and I've found myself agreeing with a lot of the positions he's taken more recently. Everything from supporting the result of the washington gun case, opposing the denial of the death penalty for child rapists, passing FISA, and preaching responsibility in parenting. If this were all I knew, I could easily see supporting the guy. The problem is that to get to where he is now, he plunged a dagger into the backs of all those latte drinking hippie nutjobs that got him where he is. While I can look on their chagrin with equanimity, I have to realize that if he can stab them, his political supporters and cheering section, in the back then it can only be easier for him to flip the rest of us the finger.

With some politicians, they can give you a wink and a nod and you know what they're really thinking. They might as well be telling you, don't worry about this, you know what I really believe and I'm just taking this position for political maneuvering or because I was forced into it. When the heat dies down or when the election is won, things will be back the way it was. The problem with Obama right now, and this is causing some amounts of hysteria in the hippie community from what I've seen online, is that no one has seen the proverbial wink and nod. No one knows what this guy really believes in. They hoisted him up because he was some leftist hippie God, and it's only now that they realized that he might not be who he acted like he was. Their uncertainty certainly doesn't mean that I can take a chance on the guy either. I have no clue who Barack Obama is right now other than the fact that he's inherently untrustworthy.
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