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Death will come for you all

Just went to the first session of a 3rd ed game and I think I've managed to create a character that's more disruptive and obnoxious than all of my other characters combined. We were given the option of playing something of an evil alignment and since I've never tried evil, I decided to give it a shot. I'm a cleric of nerull the death god and neutral evil. I decided to go with the giant holocaust cloak with deep volumous hood, giant scythe and I took the feats see ethereal (basically meaning I can see ghosts at all times) and cold person (which means that I'm cold/clammy to the touch, pastey white and have been in death's vicinity before so that other undead think I'm undead unless they make a saving throw). As an added bonus, when I pull back my hood, the character has a shaved head and a giant tattoo of a death's skull on the back of his head and tattoos on the side of his head as if it were a hood. Every person I meet I preach to them about the power of death and the glory of nerull. That and my granted power is a death touch once per day where I roll 1d6 per class level after touching someone. If it equals or is greater than that person's HP, they drop dead. If it's not, they live. I've been touching one person a day, looking for the most likely to succumb. So far, no deaths yet.

We're in a village where there have been some mysterious murders lately. You can imagine how the townsfolk took to my character. I've been casting cause fear left and right, and generally trying to terrify them into converting.

Did I mention the character's name is Hades Deathstrike?

Makes Corian seem boring by comparrison.

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