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Feeling old

During the last couple of hours of Dexcon, the lack of sleep caught up with me. I had both headache and nausea raging and I decided to flop down near one of the walls in between piles of luggage and games for a liedown. I fell asleep almost immediately and awoke a couple of hours later feeling pretty retched. The room had cleared out in large part and most of the stuff that had been piled around me had since vanished. I can only imagine that the owners got to experience the added fun of trying to maneuver their belongings around a person sprawled on the floor.

I managed to arthriticly make it to my feet and then slowly lurched my way out of the room and to my car. I didn't even bother to say goodbye to the people remaining who were playing one last game before heading out. I shufflestepped my way to the car and managed quite an impressive feat when I drove it home without wrecking myself. Since then and now, I've spent a lot of time unconscious and the time I've spent awake has been pretty horrid. I'm not sure why exactly but in addition to the normal pain that usually wakes me, I ache everywhere. It's like I wake up to a cacophony of competing somatic complaints. Everything throbs or aches or feels like I'm being shived. Most of the problems fade after a while, leaving me with the old familiar agonies. Despite being absolutely exhausted still, I never manage to sleep more than a few hours at a shot before I have to wake, shuffle to the bathroom, shuffle back, pop more pain meds, wait for them to kick in, and then go back to bed. It's a really tedious and unpleasant sort of experience. Since the sleep isn't all that restful (or doesn't seem to be), I think I still have at least a 6-7 hour defecit to make up.

I'll try to pop back on at some point to recap recent events. Of note, the house suffered a burglary in the past day or two. The losses weren't huge, and what's surprising is it even happened in the first place. I guess our dogs are just getting way too old to sound the alarm at night.
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