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Food before pill, gunna feel ill

You'd think I'd know by now to just pop my pills the minute I open my eyes. Whenever I wait too long or worse, eat something first, I end up suffering the pain of delayed onset and it's not pleasant. On the positive side, I've finished catching up on lost sleep at last. I've spent more time unconscious than conscious since getting back from Dexcon, often waking only for long enough to pop more pills and then wait for them to kick in.

Sometime Saturday night, we had a burglary here at the house. A sneak thief either crawled in through a window in the back or jimmied a back door. A cell phone and a wallet were taken, with the latter having a few hundred dollars in it. I was barely coherent when this information was relayed to me due to lack of sleep and ended up missing all the angst and rigamarole that went along with it. The thief also stole a digital camera but it was found in a neighbor's yard where he or she must've dropped it accidentally. Overall, I have to say I'm very surprised. We've never had break-ins in this neighborhood, at least none that I've ever heard of. That and I would have thought that the dogs would have raised a fuss. The general theory is that the burglar only came into the family room and no further. He swiped some items from that room and then left. The dogs usually sleep in the living room at night and there were other monetary prizes to be had that were left untouched in adjacent rooms. It seems odd to break into someone's house just to steal a few hundred dollars. Talk about a poor reward to risk ratio. If I were going to resort to thievery, I'd want to make sure I got a lot of bang for the buck.

The theft has caused all sorts of expected angst. There's talk of installing some motion detector floodlights in the back of the house as well as other things. I personally think it's overkill, but whatever makes them happy. It's too bad that it's illegal to rig lethal boobytraps in your own home. We hardly ever use the door the thief came in by. It would be sorta spiffy to have a shotgun triggered to fire the minute someone opened the door. The government won't let its citizens have any fun.

In other news, I have a backlog of things I need to take care of. Mostly rebates that need to go out and ebay auctions to mail. Since I've been sleeping away most of the daylight hours and pain management is always a problem, I've been putting it off. I also need to call the HMO and see if they have a pain specialist on their roster in the area. I'msure I won't get an appointment in time for it to affect gencon, but I have to get it sorted out at some point. I'm just way too gimpy to function at the moment. I did okay at Dexcon, but everyday errands are still highly unpleasant.
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