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I have a note from the doctor

I've never been a sports fan. Well, not a really diehard sports fan anyway. That means that I listened/watched national games and had bunches of baseball cards, but I never actually attended many, kept up with the minutiae of sports statistics, or have ever painted myself in any team's colors as a sign of support. Even my minimal interest mostly took place when I was a kid and a Mets fan. I sometimes wonder if that helped to form my optimistic view on life. You can only watch Darryl Strawberry pop it up in the infield with bases loaded so many times before you come to doubt the existence of God and be certain of the existence of Satan.

Anyway, because of my total lack of interest in sports nowadays, I almost never bother to read any articles on the subject. After all, I'm not even vaguely familiar with the stars that grace today's fields and so the writing doesn't hold much interest. That said, I recently read an article about Jose Conseco that I found to be absolutely hilarious. Since Conseco's a hasbeen from the years of my youth, I could still somewhat relate to the article. He always seemed like an over-steroid popping loser, but I had no clue how far he had fallen. Frankly, if the article is any judge, he's still several strata above where he belongs.

So, even if you don't care for sports, take a look at the article. It makes for a funny read if nothing else.
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