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In case the previous post made no darn sense whatsoever, it was actually an email to a friend who I game with so I was using the lingo and I assume some people have no clue what I was talking about. Suffice to say, I found a 3rd edition gaming group that seems to have gone pretty well. Spooky Kid also seems to be interested and is trying to see if it fits in his schedule which would be neat. Spooky, trip and I never did make much progress on our initiative to game together so this is good oppertunity to start.

Gen con pre-registration also starts later today which is going to be spiffy. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to try to get a hotel on site and end up paying 450-600 dollars or to join with some other people from the area who have managed to convince a hotel further out to go down to around 70 dollars a night, or 210-280 total depending on how many nights I stay for. It wasn't that bad driving the last time from a hotel 15 minutes away or so but it would be nice to be at a convention center hotel. For one thing the quality is nicer and then you can also just stroll across a walkway and poof, you're in the convention center. It also matters based on whether I can wrangle a meat there of sissyfighters. We'd certainly want to have a room on site just to meet at I'm thinking. Last year, frig and I went down and met kewpie. I assume she's still down there and while frig is unlikely to want to go back, I know spooky is interested. It's just hard trying to plan in advance all these months down the road. It's more than half a bleeping year away after all.

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