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I <3 Neil Patrick Harris

I do. Not enough so that I'd be willing to play buttdarts or anything, but it's love all the same. One of those macho, manly loves. You know how it is.

I've always been a fan of any actor able to capture that whole self-depracating self-mockery and NPH was hilarious in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. I haven't seen the sequel but I'm willing to wager he kicks ass there too. It's just amazing to me that someone so talented disappeared for so long after the whole Doogie Howser gig. He still got cameos here and there, but never a major staring role until some tv sitcoms came along relatively recently. I guess it was just hard to leave the whole shadow of Doogie. I'll bet there are still people today seeing him play a leacherous egomaniac and the first thing that pops into their mind is 'Say it ain't so, Doogie'.

What has spurred my NPH-love is I'm currently watching the campy web series Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and it's fantastic. NPH, musical-style singing, and supervillains. What's not to love? If I ever became a supervillain, I think I'd like to have musical interludes too. It just makes everything better. I'd also not be adverse to joining the Evil League of Evil if given a chance. I've always suspected that I'd fall on the dark side of the force.
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