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I spent a chunk of the day sorting my treasure tokens and then packing them into the USPS box for mailing. They'll be shipped to Chicago tommorrow and I'm more than a bit antsy about it. I didn't want to carry them on the plane if I could help it just from the weight issue. We're talking at least an additional 20 pounds here and I have enough problems as it is. Still, the one problem with mailing anything is the chance it'll get lost in the mail and that would be devastating. I've got around a couple of thou worth of tokens that will be completely dependent upon the US postal service. I'm hardly sanguine about the idea.

If the package does fail to make it or gets stolen or whatever, you will see a monumental freak out. There are really days where I miss driving down to Chicago and Indy. Sure, it was an incredibly long trip and I had to pay $20 a day for parking, but it was nice never having to worry about how much crap you were bringing there or back. Everything could just be tossed into the back seat or the trunk. Of course, considering the number of times I almost fell asleep on the road back home, it's likely not the greatest of ideas. Feh.
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