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They come creeping out of darkness and to darkness they return

I received an IM from Brian a few nights ago to let me know that the burglar that's been hitting this area was recently arrested. My first response (once I figured out what he was talking about) was surprise. You have to be a pretty incompetent burglar to be caught nowadays. I dunno the details of the arrest so I'm not sure if he were caught in the act or not. He seemed like a pretty careful guy too, considering how few risks he took while breaking in here. Turns out, ours was only one of 7 houses he broke into all in this neighborhood.

At some point, someone's going to have to give the police a ring and see if there's anything left of what he swiped. Not that there's going to be much of value overall. It's not like we really want those packs of cigarettes back and the cell phone he took was ancient. About the only thing worth anything was the cash, and I figure he spent that almost immediately on hookers and blow.
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