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Change of plans

I had intended to offer, if not hourly updates, then at least a few through the course of the day reporting about the effects of the patch. Since this is the first entry I've made since a hour after popping it on, it's fairly obvious that idea went to pot. I got conned into going over to my sister's place and there, ran into some pain issues that were a pain to lock down. Around 4-5 hours into the patch time, I had to take some more codeine and then limp and hobble my way out. While the next 10 minutes or so were incredibly brutal as I would have expected, it was also my first indication the patch was doing anything. The codeine kicked in faster than it ever has in the recent past and was providing a lot more relief than it should have on its own after the initial onset time. Despite issues, I was able to refrain from popping any more codeine after that.

Even after getting home, dozing for a bit and then waking up to take a shower has seen me basically functional in a low impact setting. There's pain, but it's not unbearable. If this were a normal night, I might take a half pill to try to drive what was left away or a whole pill and hope for a restful sleep until morning. At 12 hours in, the patch shouldn't be at peak effect yet so I'm hoping that it'll still ratchet up a few more notches and take what's left of the pain with it. It's unlikely that I'd be able to sleep with the residual pain remaining so I'm just going to see if I can wait it out.

The downside, if there's any, has been the general opiate haze that I'm pretty used to by now. It's nothing extreme but it's a pervasive muddle-headedness and earlier some vague nausea. It's not anything I think I'll need to really worry about if it stays at this level, though I'm not sure how it'll go combined with a stuffy plane ride or other aggravating factors. I might just end up having to use a barf bag.
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