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Fentanyl thrill

Well, I'm happy to report the patch has been pretty spiffy so far. I haven't taken any codeine since the tablet early evening yesterday. This isn't to say that the patch has been able to alleviate all pain. I'm still getting flashes of it, but the key difference is it's usually not as extreme and tends to dissipate with time. As it was before, pain in the past if ignored would just grow and grow and grow. The best way to think about it is if there were a huge mountain range that went on, graphing out my pain level. Fentanyl has added an ocean to the picture, covering up the smaller peaks and diminishing the larger ones. There are still instances of 'breakout' pain where everything spikes above sea level, but I can wait it out and it usually subsides. I wake up achy instead of in total agony.

The downside to all of this is that the patch seems to work great in a controlled environment where I can take timeouts whenever I need and there's always someplace to sprawl and rest or wait. Even in that situation, the pain is still palatable most times of the day. I'm just worried that it's going to get completely overwhelmed when I add the stressors of the trip. Increase movement, sitting, standing for long periods, etc. If I were having the dosage adjusted, I would say that I would likely want at least 20% more of the drug just to handle daily home usage. God only knows how being out and about will affect that sort of metric.
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