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The Passion of Mel

I just watched Mel Gibson being interviewed by Diane Sawyer about his movie Passion and I don't think I've been more impressed by any person in a very long time. I loved mel because of his movies before but the interview really showed a depth of character and spirit that you don't see very often. I'm really looking forward to seeing this film when it comes out. It should be one heck of an educational experience and maybe it'll even cure me of that fear of the evil jesus thing.

One thing the interview showed me beyond a doubt is that people who don't feel there is an anti-christian bias among the liberal media is nuts. This is Mel Gibson, one of the most beloved actors working in the country and I can't even begin to count the number of articles and whackjobs that have attempted to marginalize him as a nutcase, an extremeist, an anti-semite, etc. It's remarkable. I can only imagine what would have happened if it wasn't Mel that produced this film but Joe Schmuck off the street. He would have been crucified for sure.

It also brings up something interesting....that these anti-christians openly question the validity of the christian faith but you never see them putting judism or islam or buddhism to the same scrutiny. It's almost like a reverse racism where if you called someone a nigger, everyone would gasp and scream racist, but honkey or white trailer trash goes without a comment because the latter is considered to be the majority. Just like recently some democratic fuckjob who was campaigning for kerry (I believe it was kerry) referred to the fact that some chinaman was probaly mucking with his microphone that was staticy because we know all the electronics are made in asia. I can't help but think that it woudln't have gone over without comment if he had said some sambo must be behind it. The same goes for religion. We constantly see people questioning the veracity of the christian faith yet you never even seen anyone in the liberal media question islam for instance. It's always that those terrorists have 'misinterpreted' the koran or that they're preverting islam, never actually challenging what the koran literally says yet we often see the bible mocked for some of the whackier statements in there and used as a challenge to its truth.

If I had the power over life and death there would be bodies everywhere.

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