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A good start

Day 1 went pretty well here. About the only complaint I might have involves my repeatedly tendancy to projectile vomit with some, quite significant, amount of force multiple times through the day. I'm sort of curious if all the heat of exertion and the sweating might have increased the absorption of the fentanyl from the patch. I was suffering quite extreme nausea and had to vomit a few times. Luckily, I didn't consume much during the day so mostly what I spewed out was water. It was some of the most explosive vomit I've ever run into though. It was like the contents of my stomach were running a spring to get out. I'm sure I could have won a medal for projectile distance. As soon as I finished puking, I felt much better.

I didn't get much sleep last night, despite a ton of exhaustion, managing maybe 3-4 hours at most. I had some pain issues early this morning and I've been up ever since just trying to push through it. I wanted to slap on another one of the patches but I can't seem to get it unstuck from the plastic back. Sadly, I've been working at it for literally hours now with no success. It's like not being able to get a childproof cap off a bottle no matter what you try. I might just have to slit the whole thing open and lick the gel. I'm pretty much out of other ideas. I just can't get it separated no matter what I do.

So, so much for the negatives. As far as the positives go, I got to spend time with mock26 and Melissa again, which is spiffy. We wandered around downtown for a bit and then over to Midway so I could pick up my rental car. FOr the third year in a row I got lucky and they were out of the subcompact I had reserved, bumping me up to a nice midsized with leather seats and what might be the oldest, clunkiest piece of shit GPS I've ever seen. We ordered in from Leona's and spent the night watching a Robin Williams standup special that mock26 had on dvd. All around, pretty spiffy.
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