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So dinner at Melissa's was pretty much a nonstarter for me. I ended up dozing off on her floor and sleeping for the better part of 3 hours, missing the meal entirely. It's not surprising really given how sleep deprived I am. I got three hours the night before the flight and another 3-4 last night. It's hard enough to sleep at home where everything is familiar, but it just gets worse on the road. Not to mention that I can't exactly do the whole up to 3 hours a shot 3-4 times a day. I'm probably just used to picking up rest in snippets like that now and even if the patch is kicking in full strength, it's hard to imagine me sleeping a whole night through.

This morning we'll be heading off to the Bristol Renn Faire which has become a perennial event. It should be lotsa fun like always, though Richard won't be joining us. His daughter Sarah's birthday is today and I'm sure he's organizing some sort of Hannah Montana event or whatever it is kids are into now. In fact, I might not even see him at all until Gencon itself. He has a sick aunt who's about to drop dead and he's going to fly to jersey on sunday to say hi/bye and then fly directly down to indy on thursday. That's the plan anyway. I'd lay better than even odds it's going to be a cockup. He has a reputation for such things. A few years ago he managed to get botulism right before the con and spent a large chunk of it in the emergency room in indy. Of course, if he can't get there until mid thursday, it would mean he'll miss the golden ticket run. I would absolutely love the opportunity to sub in and participate if he weren't able to make it. I know he wants to make the run though and I imagine he'll do everything in his power to arrive in time for it. I should give him a ring tomorrow and just check and see though. In the whole rigmarole, he might have forgotten about the whole thing.
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