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Ha, Ha! Have at thee!

It was a trip to the Renn faire today and fun was had by all. I got lucky with the weather since it was so mild compared to previous years. If the day had just remained overcast the entire time, it would have been perfect as far as I was concerned. Still, I held up pretty well on the whole afflictions front and got to enjoy many traditional renn faire events. I'm happy to report that the garlic mushrooms were as good as ever and so were those fried cheese puff things. Just like always, I spent way more money trying to keep hydrated than on food. I probably downed around a gallon worth of liquids overall through the course of the day. In addition to food and drink, there was also frog launching, plinko playing, attempted bell ringing, crazy pictures/videos, and hoards of turtles.

The most unexpected part was that I bumped into Kat aka Madkitty while at the faire. It took me a good 3-4 seconds to place her since she was one of the last people I ever expected to see again. The last I had heard, she popped down under after her wedding and I was never sure she was going to come back to the US, much less chicago. To then bump into her at the renn faire at the one time of year that I'm in town is pretty remarkable. Near miraculous really.

Here's an old entry about Kat, just for the pictoral reference if nothing else.
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