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Sleep at last

I finally managed to get more than three hours of sleep last night and I really could use it too. I ended up dozing off around midnight and slept to near dawn. After taking a shower and being up for a bit, I tacked on another few hours on top of that. I woke up feeling like someone had been beating me with sticks, but the soreness has started to go away with the application of more drugs. Today was also patch replacement day so right now I have two of the suckers on as I'm hoping to smooth out the transition period. I'm still sort of iffy about how how much of the fentanyl in the patch is making its way out and how plasma levels of it fluxate near the end of the three day cycle.

So, yesterday I didn't go out but it was also one of the most pleasant and productive parts of the trip so far. Melissa came over and after John fixed an absolutely fabulous breakfast (smoked thickcut bacon is fantastic. It made me think seriously about just going all no-carb again as long as I could get a pound or two of that stuff a day) and after that we worked out the senario for Killer Breakfast. An idea sparked by one that John had tossed off around 3-4 years ago was what I wanted to do and after discussing it, we managed to work it into a really big and interesting plan. It'll mostly feature me and John, while Melissa helps out on the sidelines. We didn't script Richard in, knowing how flaky he can be, but if he does show up, it's hoped that he could end up being the camera man if nothing else. I'll definitely want video and stills of the event if it works out like we hope. One of the things we have to do today is to go out and buy the last few items we need for props and setup.

Oh, and speaking of today, we're heading out to Fogo de Chao. I'm sure I mentioned the place before at some point since it was practically the last meal I had in chicago before I moved back east. I had taken my mom, grandmother, and sister there and it was a wonderful experience. It's one of those brazillian meat places with all the finest cuts of meat on skewers and an absolutely gorgeous salad bar. I don't usually gush about salad bars, even less often than I eat at them, but the one they've got there was one of the prettiest I had ever seen. I've never seen tomato slices or other seasonal vegetables so big and looking so good displayed out. John has never had a chance to go before and I think it would be his kind of place as a foodie sort of carnivore.
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