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Sometimes you feel like a nut

Fogo de Chao was spiffy as expected. The errand running afterwards was less successful though. I had jotted down the addresses of a few restaurant supply stores in the area and they all happened to be out of business. The only one that wasn't was closed for the day, having the daily operating hours of 5am to 2pm. So we just decided to give it up and give it another whirl tomorrow morning before I have to catch the flight to Indy. It's not a huge big deal and, if necessary, john and Melissa could deal with it on their own without me anyway. Upon coming back to John's place, we've been sitting around playing around online. I managed to rediscover the site for Making Fiends and we've been watching episodes. Twisted but funny. A great combination if you ask me. Turns out that it's actually going to be made into a cartoon for Nickolodean starting this fall. Spiffy.

Oh, and I guess I should also mention that the streak continues of people feeling the obligation to share their crazy with me. Some people are just wound way too tight it seems. You can't help but wonder if perhaps therapy shouldn't be mandatory.
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