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Not all hacking is good

Well, thanks a lot, John. I seem to have caught your damn gamer plague after all. It simply took it a couple extra days to conquer my system. Now I'm sporting the full blown sore throat and rasping cough. Just wonderful.

On the plus side, I have managed to catch up on my sleep. I dozed off for around 15 hours after getting home yesterday. Woke up to stuff my face, take a shower, and then fell asleep again for another 5. I think I'm pretty full as far as sleep goes and I'll have to start thinking about actually unpacking some of the stuff I hauled back from the con. There are a crapload of things I'll need to take care of, including uploading all the pictures and video. I'm still feeling sort of dazed and the trip seems sort of surreal at the moment. I have no doubt the plague is contributing to that in no small significant way. I'm usually pretty good at avoiding illness and so I'm left thinking this must be some sort of gamer superbug, formed from the diseased and putrid hosts of tens of thousands of gamer bodies. I'd probably be better off licking an anthrax lollipop.

I hadn't expected this entry to turn into a full out illness whine, but since it's speeding in that direction I should also mention that my feet hurt like crazy too. It looks like all that walking finally caught up to me in the last couple of days at gencon. At this point, I'm sort of limping my way everywhere, though since both feet are pretty sore and blistered, it's one of those two-legged limps that just looks like a gimpy shuffle-step.

I'm going to try to get a few more hours of sleep tonight and hopefully that will put me back onto some sort of normal schedule.
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