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Not quite a pancea

Well, I'm starting to feel better. The coughing is still present and unpleasant, but at least it's no longer accompanied by sensations of tearing pain. I can only assume that I've already ripped up any nerve endings left and it's all phlegmed smooth sailing now. About the only new symptom I've developed is a sore diaphragm. I guess it must be all the tensing of the muscles over the past day or two and now whenever I cough, there's some muscle ache to go along with it. At the rate that it's receding, I figure that I'll only be stuck with the cold for another day or so.

I was thinking that it's kinda odd that I haven't made any entry referencing the Olympics thus far. It's just that it happened to start right before my trip out of town and it's not like I've actually had much free time to watch any of the events on tv. In fact, other than some sporadic channel flipping before I passed out at the hotels, the only live events I've seen was Phelps winning the 8th gold medal while at The Ram. The entire place erupted into cheers when he finished the race.

Really, it's sort of sad that I've missed out on most of it. Lets face it, the Olympics are like an insomniac's wet dream. This would have been the idea situation to simply turn on the tv and, day or night, zone out in front of it watching the non-stop intricacies of team handball or competitive trampoline. I feel sort of gypped that I've missed out on the opportunity.
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