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Keep on truckin' on

Who would have thought that optimism would have been my failing. Despite my rosier predictions, I'm still in full grip of the plague. I'm spending large chunks of each day in a semi-delirious state where I zone in and out of sleep. My guess at the moment would be that I'm spending around 16-18 hours a day unconscious at the moment. I can't really help it as I seem to be tired all the time and the minute I lie down, I'm zonked. If it weren't for the presence or absence of daylight, I'd have no clue what time it was most of the time. I've been doing my best to avoid all other human beings since I really don't want to pass tbis thing on. With the way my luck is, I'd probably end up catching it again on its mutated rebound.

Since I'm pretty much incapacitated, I haven't done anything useful at all the past few days. Luggage has remained partially unsorted and I'm nowhere near close to downloading all the vids and pictures from the trip. It's pretty much all I can do to wheeze my way from hour to hour, assured in the fact that eventually this plague will pass. It's a very very lucky thing I have those fentanyl patches. I shudder to think what it would be like to mix unending chronic pain with the exhaustion I'm feeling like now. At least with the patch, I can actually get to sleep when I need it more or less. Sometimes an extra pop of codeine helps, but it would be unbearable if pain were still running amok.
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