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I just remembered that I have some of the pictures I took in Chicago already uploaded to the computer. At one point, John had to get a set of pictures off of my camera so he could use them for our Killer Breakfast shtick. While at the local Kinko's, he had them burn a copy of my camera's flash drive to cd and I was able to copy the pictures to my laptop. This bypassed that obnoxious no-vista problem I've been having and means that I can start sorting photos while still down with the plague.

I'm not sure if any of you remember from a while back when I was talking about a piece of beef tendon that looked like a pair of pants? Well, now that I have my pictures, I can finally show you said tendon.

I mean, that looks a lot like a pair of meat pants, right?

I still don't have access to the pictures from gencon itself, but I figure it'll take me a long while just to work through the ones I do have from chicago.
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