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And now for a word from our sponser

Well, okay, I know I should be working on putting together those Chicago photo recaps but I've sort of gotten hooked on the Olympics. That might seem sort of strange considering that it's almost over with only a day left to go. That would be a downer if I were trying to watch the events live. Instead, in order to increase their profits, NBC has partnered with microsoft to basically rebroadcast every single minute of every single event a la carte. All it took was a quick download of some new MS program called Silverlight and now I can watch whatever event I want from start to finish. As you can imagine, most of them don't have commentary and I was just trying to puzzle my way through on my own. It wasn't exactly difficult for events like softball or beach volleyball but it was sort of hard to figure out what the hell was going on with the fencing and taekwondo events. I'm still not sure I have a grasp of all the penalties and whatchamacallits.

Currently, I'm watching the women's triathlon and I have no clue why. I just find the various events to be a great time waster. It's just like having a radio or tv drone on in the background. Besides, watching these events have already taught me a lot of things. First, it's taught me that badminton isn't nearly as sissy as I thought it was. It may still look sort of pansy but that changes immediately the first time you get a shuttlecock traveling 200 mph coming straight at your head. I've also learned that I can't tell what the hell is going on in table tennis matches, there are a fucking lot of asians in archery, and the chinese must have some seriously advanced eugenics program going. They have some of the smallest (supposed) 16 year olds I have ever fucking seen in the form of their female gymnasts and on the opposite end of the spectrum, one of their female volleyball players looks like she could cave in a man's skull with her pinky finger.

The only downside to watching the events this ways is I know ahead of time who's won. Even if I don't peek at the scoreboard, the header of the darn video usually gives away the final result right from the start. In a way, I guess that's handy just so I don't end up suffering unnecessary stress. Still, it would be nice to root for a team, uncertain of the end result.

I haven't completely let the picture recap slide btw. I spent some time last night resizing the images and uploading them to LJ's scrapbook. I figure I'll start the whole recap process within the next day or so.
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