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Fuck you, hollywood

Those sons of bitches at the Scifi channel just fucking canceled Stargate Atlantis! What the fuck are those whoresons thinking? First they axe Stargate SG1 just when it had gotten back on track with the cast changes and was finally kicking ass and now they kill Atlantis just as it's getting good. Well, getting better anyway. Fucking assholes. Atlantis was just about the only tv show I still watched, at least until season 7 of The Shield starts in a couple more weeks.

The most obnoxious part about this decision is that while they're killing Atlantis, they've just greenlit a new Stargate series they're calling Universe. I can only imagine that they figure by recruiting a cast full of new nobodies they can save on salaries and have to pay less per episode. Isn't that the same asinine thinking that got SG1 axed in favor of Atlantis? Now less than 2 years later Atlantis gets the chop for Universe. Hell, in another year we'll hear that Universe is canceled so some degenerate shitsucking morons can run Stargate: The Mickey Mouse Club.

The plot for this new Stargate Universe is that a bunch of people on earth are stuck on an Ancient ship in another part of the universe and can't manage to get home because of the huge distances involved. Errr, didn't Star Trek already float this cinematic abortion? They called it Voyager as I recall. The series responsible for killing the Star Trek franchise as far as I'm concerned. Even worse, the producers were interviewed about this project and they kept mentioning how one of their main goals is to attract a younger audience. For fuck's sake. We're going to get a god damn version of Stargate: 90210. Why don't they just save money and buy the new 90210 cast off of the WB or whatever reject station is going to be showing it and blast them off into space.

These assholes are really pissing me the fuck off.
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