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I think it's all those legs...everywhere....just legs....

I just have to say that synchronized swimming is some seriously twisted and creepy shit. I'm not sure exactly why, but just watching the recaps is wigging me out. All I know for sure is that if I ever walk near a swimming pool and all of a sudden saw one of these routines start out of the blue, nothing could convince me it wasn't part of some sort of seriously fucked up satanic voodoo shit about to erupt. It's just eerie and disturbing. I'm not at all certain I wouldn't shriek like a little girl.

I think part of the problem might have been watching it without the happy music to go with it. Give it a try yourself if you don't believe me. Look for some recaps and mute the speakers, or better yet, find some creepy horror movie music and play that as an accompaniment. All those whirling limbs don't look nearly as sanguine now, eh?
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