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I decided to give tv another try and was channel flipping when I ran across something insane. It's a show called Man vs Beast where they had Kobayashi, the Japanese hotdog eating guy, challenge a fucking bear in a hot dog eating contest. Do you believe this shit? Since it's an Alaskan Kodiak bear, they even hang a US flag behind him while Kobayashi gets a Japanese one.

In case you were wondering, the bear wasted Kobayashi. In 2 minutes and 35 seconds, the 1089 pound bear finished his 50 hotdogs. In the same amount of time, Kobayashi was only able to finish 31 and a half dogs.

Next up? A tug-of-war between a sumo wrestler and an orangutan. Tv has gotten pretty fucked up since I've been away.

Hell, there's even a video clip of the fucking show.

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