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Leeching off humanity's sweet teat

I snagged a copy of The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising yesterday. Suffice to say, I did not buy a copy of their dvd. I guess at this point this could devolve into a convoluted defense of what is, in fact, blatant theft but you're lucky in that I don't give a flying fuck and that sort of sophistry bores the hell out of me. No, it's probably not right and yes, I don't give a damn. If it came down to it, I'll just use the Bart Simpson defense as related by Donkey Kong.

It's the company's fault for making you want it so much.

The movie itself was quite an improvement on their previous efforts. It looks like they actually tried to make a film this time rather than a crude string-together of random funny gamer bits. The comedy factor was dropped a notch and production values shot through the roof. The special effects actually looked pretty good and nothingfew things were so cheesy as to poke my gag reflex. I liked it quite a bit and it's a huge step forward for Dead Gentlemen Productions. They wouldn't be able to stand head to head against even the crappiest of B, or C, or maybe even D-movie production teams out there, but as long as they plumb the forgiving gamer niche market, they're golden. Hey! It's a movie kinda about me! Who cares if the script and acting and staging isn't quite up to snuff. Still, compared to their first go, this one's definitely a keeper. I'm just kinda curious how much more it cost to produce this film compared to the last. Orders of magnitude I'd imagine. I wonder if it ended up being worthwhile in the whole profit arena. God knows I wasn't exactly helping out there, though maybe my positive review will encourage some of you to go out and buy the dvd.

Other than that, the plague is still with me. It's moved into that multiple coughing stage where I'll string together near a dozen coughs which end up leaving me wheezy and breathless. Lotsa fun as you might imagine. Some calls were made to doctors tonight and it looks like I might be getting on another new drug regimen. It looks like it'll be something like Enbrel, which means shots and some basic auto-immune function. It supposedly has a better success rate than what I've tried before and hell, what do I have to lose? The real problem is going to be getting a continuous supply of these patches. No one wants to prescribe them and it's obvious. I need to find a doctor who's not all wiggy about it and will simply give me the meds I need. So far, no luck and I only have 2 patches left. The idea of not having any more is pretty terrifying. If I'm lucky, I'll just be as fucked as I was before. If I'm unlucky, I'll probably get some sort of rebound effect that will kick up the agony meter into the stratosphere.
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