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What the fudge? Who in the world is Sarah Palin? Talk about a dark horse pick. I don't think I heard her name mentioned more than a couple times as even being a contender for the VP slot and I seriously doubt anyone would have laid money on the pick yesterday. I'm still not sure what to think about it quite frankly. Everything I've read about her so far, and that's mostly in some flash editorials and blog posts, seems to be generally positive. Hell, if she were running for any office in Jersey, I'd vote for her in a second but that's not saying much. I'd probably vote for a above-average baboon over most of the decerebrated asshats we have serving in state politics right now.

According to Wiki, she's 44 years old and is the first term governor of Alaska. I really could have wished that she had come from a more viable and politically in-play state than Alaska. I could also wish that she had at least a couple terms rather than being in her first. While I think the odds of McCain dropping dead in the next four years is slim to none, it has to be something that's running through many people's heads. I'm not sure how they'd feel with putting any first term govenor into the presidency. Then again, at least she has some executive experience unlike Nobama or Biden. Hell, at least she knows how to run a government of some sort rather than simply being a gassy windbag. Still, I'm not sure it's going to be an easy sell.

My own persona choice for VP was Governor Tom Pawlenty. Not because I had any strong opinions about him personally, but mostly due to tactical considerations. In fact, I know almost as little about the guy as I do about Governor Palin. The main difference between them as far as I was concerned is that he's the popular governor of the still possible swing state of Minnesota while she's in charge of the frigid popsicle of the north that is going to go solidly Republican no matter what. Still, the chances that a Pawlenty pick could have turned Minnesota from blue to red was sketchy at best. I figured it was at least a shot in the dark and it seemed better than any of the other choices. Romney would have been a nightmare and the other assorted ghouls and goblins up for consideration would have only been worse from a political point of view. Hell, if I didn't care about winning the election, I wouldn't have minded seeing McCain tap Lieberman. The first truly unified presidential ticket in modern American history.

So, back to Palin. It looks like she was a beauty queen in the past (Wow, she won Miss Congeniality). That should be good for the photo ops and the like. The fact that she has a vulva might also help scoop up some of those female PUMAs that are still rattling around out there. The general idea has always been that a republican will win by 10 points on male voters while the democrat will take near the same margin on women. Anything that disrupts that balance by even a few points can have drastic effects on the electoral count.

It looks like she's also a bit of a reformer, taking on government waste and other forms of corruption. She's also wildly popular in Alaska. Her husband is an Eskimo who works with his hands and rides snowmobiles. Her oldest son, Track, is in the army. Dear God, she also has three girls whom she named Bristol, Willow, and Piper. Those sorts of naming decisions makes me incredibly nervous. I'm just not sure I can intrinsically trust someone who chooses the names of her offspring from the flower power ganja bag. Her last kid's name is Trig and has Downs Syndrome. She refused to have an abortion after finding out the diagnosis and has said that he's perfect as he is.

Hell, everything added together, she seems like a generally wonderful human being. The only possible blot on her record is some claim she tried to have her wife-beating brother-in-law fired after he made threats on the life of her father. Even if true, I'm sure there are people who would view that sort of thing as a positive. Frankly, the only thing I'm really worried about now is if she'll stand up to the pressure. Maybe it's sexist, but I've got this overwhelming fear that she's going to crack. She's never been put to the fire before and I dunno that she's going to make it through in one piece.

So what do you think?

The choice of Sarah Palin as McCain's VP....

is good and makes me more likely to vote for him
is good and I'm still not voting for him
is crappy and makes me less likely to vote for him
is crappy and I'm still not voting for him
doesn't affect me because I'm a heathen who doesn't care about politics
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