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One side-effect of using the pain patches is that I can now sleep for longer periods of time. Whereas before, I could be sure that pain would wake me every 4 hours or so, tops, I can now snooze for impressively long stretches. While that's been an overall pleasant development, there are downsides. I haven't had a watch or alarm clock in years now and I haven't overslept for any event in ages. There usually just wasn't a need as I was sure that I'd be up, like it or not, in a few hours. Today, I overslept for the poker game at the stronghold. I opened my eyes this morning and while I was expecting for it to be 8 or 9 am, it was actually past noon.

If you recall, I came in second at the last poker tournament and I had been pretty eager to give it another go this time around. Visions of winning money danced in my head and while, clearly delusional, had me in its thrall. Oh well. It looks like I'll save $20 on my entry fee.

I'm not sure whether I should bother to still pop over at some point. Ever since getting back from Gencon, I've been doing the shut-in thing like normal. I haven't ventured out of the house even once. With the patch, I know that trips shouldn't be as horrendous as they used to be, but you tend to fall into teh same old patterns.
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