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P is for pee

Here I am, all comfy and lying in bed all snug amongst blankets and pillows. All of a sudden, I have to pee. I hate that. I hate it because I know that it's going to take a good chunk of time to get settled again with the laptop balanced just right and all the pillows situated just so. I especially hate it because I have no clue if I really really need to pee or my bladder is just playing silly buggers with me. Now, I don't mind having to go to the bathroom when I empty a bladder full to bursting like a gallon jug. There are times though where I get the urge to pee and then find it was much ado about nothing. It makes me wonder if the equivalent of the gas gauge that keeps track of these things has a malfunction every once and a while. Maybe it's because of the fan. I remember reading that your bladder shrinks in the cold after all.

So, to pee or not to pee? Maybe if I just ignore it, it'll go away. There are times I think that having a catheter might be fun. I mean, insertion sounds like crap but the idea of peeing in bed seems like it'd be a plus. I'm sure there are some old people out there who pee into their adult diapers, but that doesn't sound pleasant. Sitting in a cold and wet wrapping of your own urine just sounds downright bleh.

Hmmm. I don't think I have to go anymore. Maybe my bladder was just crank calling me for shits and giggles.

Damnit, false false alarm. Welp, a pee'ing I go.
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