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Chicago/Gencon Recap: Day 4-5

Writing these recaps is like working on the railroad. No matter how many planks and rivets you hammer into place, the horizon stretches on infinitely. I still have to figure out a way to somehow get my gencon pictures off of the damn camera and onto the laptop. Most of them are still stuck there because of the compatibility issues with Vista. It's going to be a pain in the ass no matter how I resolve it.

The pictures I take on these trips are often a huge mnemonic tool since it's usually weeks if not months before I try to actually jot down any notes about them. Without the pictures, I'd have only sketchy memories at best about what happened. This is the dilemma facing me as I see that I only snapped one picture on Sunday in chicago. It's not a very enlightening picture either.

Remember when I mentioned buying those multicolor gummy butterflies while at the Kosher butcher's? I finally found a use for them besides simply eating them.

Not exactly a work of art, but I thought it was kinda cool at the time.

As I recall, John also fixed breakfast for the lot of us that morning and it was incredibly nice. There's nothing like a big glass of super pulpy orange juice. I've never really understood why someone would want their juice pulp free. It just ends up tasting like you added water to one of those concentrate cans in the freezer. The pulp lets you know it's fresh and the texture is great to boot.

Frankly, that's really all I can recall about Sunday at the moment. I have no clue what happened next. I don't recall what we might have done, if anything, or what I had for dinner, or anything. I figure if John remembers, he'll comment at some point and maybe I can come back and edit. Until then, on to Monday.

The main event for the day was lunch at Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse right in downtown Chicago. I had been there years ago with the family right before I moved from the area. There had been some discussion about going there as a group for dinner on one of the last weekends, but it was almost impossible to get a reservation even weeks in advance. Instead, I had been able to snag a table for lunch and it was a great experience. Just like the butcher's, it was a display of many of God's creatures, this time excellently prepared for consumption. I figured John would like the place as a self-avowed carnivore and I wanted to take him somewhere nice to thank him for his hospitality.

Holy shit. As I'm looking at their website, i see that they've opened a new restaurant right in downtown Indianapolis. It's only two freaking blocks from the Embassy Suites. That's definitely something to keep in mind for subsequent gencon's. It would make for a very nice celebratory meal while at the con. A bit pricey perhaps, but worth it for a special occasion.

Anyway, the place hadn't changed at all from what I remembered of it from a few years back. It still had an absolutely magnificent salad bar. I probably would have been happy just eating my meal there, and that's high praise from me for a salad bar.

I can't help but feel that a lot of this sort of food is wasted on me though. I've never really differentiated between cuts of meat. The really expensive stuff doesn't usually taste all that different from the cheap stuff. A lot more of the difference is based on how it's prepared than what's actually used. So while it's nice to chow down on Filet Mignon and the like, there's a little voice in the back of my head that's always saying that I'd be just as happy with hamburger or a skirt steak and it'd cost so much less.

Here's a picture of John, obviously enjoying his meal.

And Melissa showing her atavistic side. She's nice enough, but don't get between her and a rack of lamb. You could lose a hand and part of an arm.

At one point, John decided to do his dancing lamb chop routine. He and Melissa both felt that the lamb chops were the single best thing they had there. Personally, I was more of a fan of the Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon. I mean, it's wrapped in bacon. Case closed.

Everything about the meal went pretty well and then we moved on to dessert. We each got something different to sample the offerings and I think I definitely won out. The waiter suggested the Tres Leche cake as that was his personal favorite and I went with his recommendation.

Here's a shot of me with the Tres Leche.

Melissa with a Molten Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

And John with a multi-layered chocolate cake.

They were all pretty excellent compared to the desserts you find at most restaurants. I'd happily order any of the three again, but that Tres Leche was really unbeleivable.

And that was more or less it. We spent a chunk of the day trying to track down supplies for our Killer Breakfast Schtick without much luck. Most of the places we searched were either derelict or closed. It seems that google doesn't exactly update their list of businesses very often. In the end, it was just a lot of pointless driving around. We decided to just put the search off until tomorrow, hopefully finding what we needed before my flight out to indy at noon.
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