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F'ing amazing

The Neilson report is out about the number of people who watched the political conventions. Would you believe that McCain kicked Obama's ass? I'm still pretty astounded but the numbers don't lie and it looks like more people were watching McCain give his speech than Obama give his. Hell, I wonder if he regrets spending all that time and money setting up his little greek temple now. Even that spectacle wasn't enough to win him the ratings war.

The really amusing bit is how many hippie wankjobs were crowing about Obama's numbers last week after the speech. Almost every political article mentioned how it was the highest ratings ever for a political event and how astounding it was, demonstrating the enthusiasm dems had for their candidate. They surely never thought that the fuddyduddy would spank their asses a week later. Funny, but I've yet to see any articles talking about how remarkable it was that McCain beat Obama in this. I can only guess it doesn't go much with the narrative the media is trying to sell.

Oh, and it looks like Sarah Palin is now more popular nationally than either Obama or McCain. Go figure, eh? The pick doesn't seem so much like a Hail Mary now, does it?
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