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Crazy Hippies

Here's a video courtesy of lucystrawberry, selling out some of her leftist peeps for my enjoyment.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Well, if you're a sane person you're first thinking that these people are crazy whackjobs who could use a psychological exam. The second thing you're thinking is, 'Is this video a fake?'. I mean, people like this couldn't actually exist, right? It must be some sort of mockumentary.

Well, if you search on google for the woman named in the video, Syndee L'ome Grace, you do get a bunch of hits associated with hippie causes and leftist bullshit. Of course, anyone making such a parody could have just borrowed her name. I searched a bit further and found that the woman usually uses an alias for most of her activist work. She usually goes under Syndee L'ome Eartheart. Google that and you can get an image of her to come up.

It looks like an exact match to the woman in the clip. That means that at the very least the interview is real and it makes it far more likely that these crazy nutjobs do exist. Truth is stranger than fiction.
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